chipotle corn & avocado radicchio wraps

Chipotle Corn & Avocado Radicchio Wraps

Minimalist farm-to-table recipes created with local fresh produce paired with homemade infused oils, dressings, marinades, pestos and sauces.  By eating seasonally, we reap the benefits of good health through nutrition from fresh, unprocessed and sustainable produce.

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This recipe features local produce from 9 Bean Rows Farm, Providence Farm, Birch Point Farm and locally produced products from Food for Thought.
  • Ingredients Farm fresh local red onion
  • Farm fresh locals garlic scapes
  • Farm fresh local cilantro
  • Farm fresh local sweet corn
  • Farm fresh local cauliflower
  • Farm fresh local jalapeno
  • Lime
  • Avocado
  • Farm fresh local radicchio
  • Local wild leek vinegar
  • Local righteous chipotle hot sauce
  • Wild leek infused olive oil (recipe link) Sea salt


Remove corn from two ears and place in a glass bowl. Chop one cup of small cauliflower florets and add to bowl. Chop one quarter cup red onion and add to bowl. Remove jalapeno seeds, mince jalapeno and add to bowl. Zest lime, mince zest, juice lime and add to bowl. Mince one quarter cup garlic scapes, one cup cilantro and add to bowl. Stir in one tablespoon oil, one tablespoon vinegar, one half-one teaspoon hot sauce and a little salt. Let vegetables sit for five minutes. Cube avocado and gently fold the avocado in the vegetables. Add one-two tablespoons of vegetables to the center of each radicchio, fold over, serve with lime wedges and enjoy!