Job Description

Certified Surgical Assistant


Graduate of an accredited school of Surgical Technology.

Current certification from Association of Surgical Technologists as a C.S.A. (Certified Surgical Assistant) or C.F.A. (Certified First Assistant).

BCLS required.

Minimum of 2 years' Surgical Assistant experience.


Reports to the Manager of the Operating Room.

Works collaboratively and effectively with the patients, OR Charge Nurses, the OR team, Surgeons, and Anesthesiologists.


  1. Supports the Mission, Vision and Values of Munson Healthcare.

  2. Embraces and supports the Performance Improvement philosophy of Munson Healthcare.

  3. Promotes personal and patient safety.

  4. Uses effective customer service/interpersonal skills at all times.

  5. Demonstrates knowledge and skill in the application of principles of asepsis and infection control.

  6. Demonstrates knowledge of surgical anatomy, physiology, and operative technique related to specific operative procedures, as assigned, as a CSA/CFA assistant.

  7. Demonstrates the ability to perform in emergent and stressful situations, effectively and efficiently.

  8. Demonstrates continued proficiency and skill as a primary scrub as required.

  9. Ensures room readiness for the scheduled procedure (i.e. instruments, supplies, positioning gear, etc.)

  10. Assists with positioning, prepping, and draping of the surgical patient, as directed.

  11. Under the direct supervision of the operating surgeon (surgeon must physically be present in the same room), the Certified Surgical Assistant: ? Handles tissue, as directed by the surgeon, during the operative procedure. ? Provides optimum exposure of the operative site through appropriate use of instruments, retractors, suction, and sponge techniques. ? Provides adequate hemostasis by applying hemostatic clamps, placement of electrocautery to bleeding point; tying, ligating, and suture ligatures of vessels. ? Suturing of subcutaneous tissue and skin during wound closure. ? Application of surgical dressings. ? Assists with the transfer of the patient as a room team member. ? Assists with the smooth transition between cases by offering to help with turnover, setup, opening of sterile gear, etc.

  12. Safety is a self-responsibility. Know the physical requirements of the job and work within those guidelines. Perform job duties safely at all times, utilizing learned body mechanics and transferring/lifting techniques. Plan your actions to promote safety. Report any unsafe situation/equipment according to hospital procedure.

  13. Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

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