Bombay Chicken Spring Rolls with Cilantro Verjus Dipping Sauce

Northern Michigan Recipe: The Intentional Minimalist wraps up these Bombay Chicken Spring Rolls with Cilantro Verjus Dipping Sauce using fresh local ingredients. Perfect for those days when its almost too hot to cook! Northern Michigan Recipes: The Intentional Minimalist blogger Kristin Celeste Shroeger offers another solution for those days when it is just too hot to cook. These Bombay Chicken Spring Rolls with Cilantro Verjus Dipping Sauce are refreshing and easily adapted to use whatever fresh vegetables you have on hand.

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  • Lime Farm fresh local spring garlic
  • Farm fresh local cilantro
  • Tamari
  • Sesame oil
  • Local verjus
  • Farm fresh local swiss chard
  • Farm fresh local cucumber
  • Farm fresh local chioggia beet
  • Farm fresh local radish
  • Farm fresh local green beans
  • Farm fresh local basil
  • Local smoked bombay chicken
  • Rice paper wrappers


Cilantro Verjus Dipping Sauce Directions Zest lime, mince lime zest and juice lime. Reserve zest and juice. Mince two spring garlic cloves and add to glass jar. Mince two tablespoons cilantro and add to jar with one teaspoon lime zest. Stir in one tablespoon tamari, one tablespoon lime juice, one tablespoon sesame oil and one tablespoon verjus.  Taste sauce and add additional lime juice if desired. Bombay Chicken Spring Roll Directions Remove leaves from swiss chard stems. Slice one cup swiss chard leaves into one inch sections. Slice one cup swiss chard stems into matchsticks. Slice one cup cucumber into matchsticks. Slice one half cup beets into matchsticks. Slice one half cup radishes into matchsticks. Trim the tip and bottom off of one cup green beans. Slice one cup smoked bombay chicken into matchsticks. Remove one half cup cilantro leaves from stems. Remove one half cup basil leaves from stems. Arrange rest of minced lime zest for use in spring rolls. Prepare rice paper wrappers according to package directions. On one quarter of the warmed rice paper wrapper that is closest to your body, layer swiss chard leaves, swiss chard stems, cucumber, beet, radish, green beans, chicken, lime zest, cilantro and top with two large basil leaves. Start tightly rolling the rice paper wrapper over the filling away from your body. Slice the rolls as desired and serve with the Cilantro Verjus Dipping Sauce.