Bacon and Fromage Blanc Scrambled Egg Croissant

Minimalist farm-to-table recipes created with local fresh produce paired with homemade infused oils, dressings, marinades, pestos and sauces.  By eating seasonally, we reap the benefits of good health through nutrition from fresh, unprocessed and sustainable produce.

This recipe features local produce from 9 Bean Rows Farm, Birch Point Farm and locally produced products from 9 Bean Rows Bakery, 9 Bean Rows Farm and Leelanau Cheese and Food for Thought.

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  • Local olive oil Farm fresh local eggs
  • Local fromage blanc
  • Farm fresh local croissant
  • Farm fresh local green bor kale
  • Farm fresh local baby red onion Farm fresh local bacon, cooked


Heat one teaspoon olive oil in a medium metal skillet. Per croissant, add two eggs and cook over medium heat for a few minutes until eggs are almost set. Remove skillet from heat and stir in one tablespoon fromage blanc. Let eggs rest for two minutes. Slice croissants. Per croissant, remove one half cup green bor kale from stems, cut two slices bacon in half, slice two baby red onions in half and separate red onion slices. Place green bor kale on bottom half of croissant and top with fromage blanc scrambled eggs, red onions, bacon slices and additional green bor kale. Spread one half tablespoon fromage blanc on top half of croissant and enjoy!