Asparagus and Wild Leek Avgolemono Soup

Northern Michigan Recipe: The Intentional Minimalist's asparagus and wild leek avgolemono soup is warm for fall and full of ingredients to remember summer. Northern Michigan Recipe:  Try The Intentional Minimalist blogger Kristin Celeste Schroeger's recipe for asparagus and wild leek avgolemono soup; warm for fall and  full of ingredients that are reminiscent of a Northern Michigan summer, it is the perfect recipe to transition from season to season.

This recipe features local produce from 9 Bean Rows Farm, Verdant Farms  and locally produced products from Leelanau Cheese.

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Farm fresh local wild leeks Farm fresh local asparagus Wild leek infused olive oil (recipe link) Brown rice, cooked Lemon Farm fresh local thyme Farm fresh local eggs Local raclette cheese Sea salt Ground white pepper Farm fresh local garlic mustard flowers


Slice one cup wild leek whites. Slice two cups asparagus in one half inch pieces. Add wild leek whites to large metal soup pot with two tablespoons wild leek oil and saute. Add six cups water to wild leek whites and bring to a simmer. Add asparagus, one cup rice and simmer for three-four minutes until the asparagus is tender. Zest lemon, mince zest and juice lemon. Remove one teaspoon thyme leaves from stem and mince leaves. In a glass mixing bowl, whisk together two eggs, two tablespoons lemon juice and one cup of asparagus rice water. Slowly pour and whisk lemon egg mixture into soup. Continue to slowly stir soup on very low heat for two minutes. Add thyme, one teaspoon lemon zest, one eighth teaspoon salt, one eighth teaspoon white pepper and continue to slowly stir until soup is thickened. Grate a few tablespoons raclette cheese and mince two tablespoons wild leek stems. Serve soup topped with minced wild leek stems, garlic mustard flowers, a slight drizzle of oil and a tablespoon raclette cheese.