Art’s Tavern, Glen Haven beach and Northern Michigan locals like the legendary Tim Barr all make cameos in a new Sophie Bolen music video for her modern country/pop ballad.

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Michigan native and rising modern country/pop artist Sophie Bolen’s single, “Night Owl,” now has an official music video out this spring, featuring a chilly, wind-swept Glen Haven beach, a cozy cottage on Glen Lake and an intimate night playing pool and dancing at Art’s Tavern.

It almost didn’t happen: The 1930s cash-only bar known for its retro vibe, retractable pool table and irresistible burgers and tots never, ever closes save for one winter deep cleaning session. But, says Bolen, “luckily enough, [that] was the day we needed it for the shoot. [Art’s owner] Tim Barr was so gracious.”

Shooting at Art’s was a day dream come to life for the 23-year-old—who has worked in film and commercials since co-starring at age 10 in The Christmas Bunny with Florence Henderson. Bolen’s family has been a part of the Glen Arbor community for generations, and as a kid, she longed to join her cousins for a night out at Art’s.

“The first time I heard the song ‘Night Owl,’ [a bewitching ballad borrowed from acclaimed songwriter Deanna Walker] with its lyrics about being at a bar late at night, I immediately saw the music video in my head, and I could only picture it as Art’s. When you walk into Art’s, it feels like home … warm, vibrant and alive. The longing and beauty of the song also works with the beauty of Northern Michigan.”

Director Ben Lemmen shot the video like a short film, starring Bolen and Grand Rapids-based actor Tarren Knox as her love interest, plus there are plenty of locals as extras, including a special cameo from the one-and-only Tim Barr behind the bar.

Woman playing pool at Art's Tavern.

Photo by Sophie Bolen

Photo(s) by Sophie Bolen