Move over, soothing greens and calm-inducing grays that colored the height of the Covid years. These six 2023 paint colors of the year are a message we’re ready to move to the warmer, more joyous side of the color wheel—and life.

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Terra Rosa by Dunn-Edwards

This lighter take on Victorian burgundy makes old houses feel young again and new houses look storied. Imagine a crisp white clapboard nouveau farmhouse painted this color—wouldn’t you just want to knock on that door and ask for a cup of tea? And maybe a hug.

Photo by Dunn-Edwards

Alizarin by Graham & Brown

Ever wonder how Marco Polo felt when he was first introduced to cinnamon and nutmeg? I’m guessing he dreamed in this warm and spicy shade that night. Use it anywhere you want to invite drama—starting at the front door.

Photo by Graham & Brown

Photo by Graham & Brown

Redend Point by Sherwin-Williams

Beige with a hint of dusty rose puts me back in my grandmother’s bedroom in the 1960s, snuggled up with hot cocoa and a Yogi Bear cartoon. Redend Point lends a cozy, vintage (there’s an ’80s vibe, too) feel wherever it is used.

Photo by Sherwin-Williams

Canyon Ridge by Better Homes & Gardens

Picture yourself meditating on a mesa in the Southwest and you have the Canyon Ridge mood. This shade is especially evocative paired with white in a bathroom where it feels clean and just a bit sun-kissed.

Photo by Better Homes & Gardens

Viva Magenta by Pantone

Raise your hand if this was your favorite color in the Crayola box! The color gods and goddesses at Pantone sent a clear message with their choice of this bright, childlike tint: Choose optimism and joy. Viva Magenta begs us to experiment. Hint: Free yourself to color outside the lines.

Photo by Pantone

Berry Blush by Benjamin Moore

Where should you use this coral-tinged-with-pink hue? Any room where you might want to throw on a sarong and start dancing … kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom…

Photo by Benjamin Moore

Photo(s) by Benjamin Moore