From duck umbrellas to colorful rain boots, our editors at Traverse Northern Michigan magazine share some of their favorite outdoor gear for spring romps in the rain.

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Get Your Ducks in A Row, Yo

Friends, much like the mallards floating about the North’s newly thawed lakes, you too can be both adorable and dry … no matter where spring takes you. We’ve found our rainy day go-to—the Original Duckhead Compact Eco-Friendly Wind Resistant Umbrella. Newcomer makers’ boutique Field Trip in the darling village of Empire stocks a whole brood of colors (though we are partial to Denim Moon and Peanut Butter Checkers). The London-based company Original Duckhead recycles nice plastic bottles for every umbrella made, and that handsome handle is made from sustainably sourced birch. $42 —Emily Tyra

Best-Dressed Northerners This Spring

There’s nothing better than walking in the rain—the sound of the raindrops, the earthy smell (that aroma is called petrichor), the childlike glee of being outside in “bad” weather. (It’s like our parents say, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.) This brings me to my slick pick, and while the editors at Vogue may disagree, spring 2023’s best trend IMO is rain pants. Yep, those trousers that go swish, swish, swish with every step, giving major middle school track vibes. But here’s the thing, these (it’s okay, you can say it, ugly) nylon and polyester pants are essential for maximum rainy-day delight. You can be out in a downpour and they’ll keep you dry as a bone. I’m currently in the market for a pair; here are some picks from the pros at Wirecutter who spent 45 hours researching and testing gear. –Carly Simpson

Singing in the Rain

Why let a few raindrops (or waves, wet towels, a dunk in the lake) silence your playlist? Keep your soundtrack cranking no matter what the weather with the Bote Magneboom Swell bluetooth waterproof speaker. Perfect for commuting, picnics or impromptu rainy-day porch hangs. The coolest: It’s designed to click in with waterproof Magnepods to mount to your kayak, boat or SUP. $70, Backcountry North –Cara McDonald

Rock Fisherman-Inspired Outwear in Fishtown

Last spring, our MyNorth team—Allison Jarrell, Carly Simpson and Rachel Soulliere—hit Leland’s Fishtown to rock hunt and chomp down Village Cheese Shanty sammies. They made a video of their romp that chalked up 18.9k views. Methinks it was more than just that beautiful beach and those yummy sandwiches that got folks watching. It was the yellow London Fog rainboots that Rachel was sporting. Heritage fashion, they say, never goes out of style. All of which got me thinking: 1) I need a pair of yellow London Fog rainboots 2) I need a matching slicker. Ah, but the London Fog yellow coats all seem a bit too Paddington Bear for me …

It is a school bus–yellow Helly Hansen Woman’s Moss Raincoat that has my eye. The Norwegian company, founded in 1887 by the old sea captain Helly himself, styled the Moss Raincoat after a fisherman’s raincoat they produced in the 1950s. What to like about the Moss beyond its salty bloodlines? The Moss is long—just above the knee—slimming, windproof, waterproof and washable. It’s a serious slicker. Watch out Fishtown: I’m suiting up. —Lissa Edwards

Rainy Day Trekking

Sure, you could skip that muddy, early-spring hike. But you’d be depriving yourself of dreamy, quiet moments on the trail—a foggy morning bird chorus, cottontails weaving in and out of the brush, dewy wildflower buds and mushrooms peeking out from beneath last fall’s leaves. If you prep for it, a rainy trek can be truly magical. That means the aforementioned jackets, rain pants (you’ve been taking notes, right?) and the almighty waterproof hiking boot. My personal fave is the Merrell Moab 3 Mid Waterproof boot. Whether you’re walking around murky puddles or muddy pathways, I promise your feet will stay warm and dry (we all know there’s nothing that ruins a hiking trip quicker than cold, wet, blistery feet). Other perks: their sizing is inclusive (looking at my fellow wide feet hikers), their waterproof shoes come in a variety of styles and their current collab with Unlikely Hikers is pure multicolor goodness. –Allison Jarrell

One More Rainy-Day Delight…

As you saw in our header image, how cute are these rubber duckies in a puddle at Ketch 22 food truck in Arcadia!? Our editorial team stopped by last fall (highly recommend the cheese curds), and were struck by this sweet moment so full of joy. –Carly Simpson

Photo by Carly Simpson

Photo(s) by Allison Jarrell