These pretty solar-powered lanterns brighten both the dark nights of winter and countless lives around the world. Here’s why this environmentally friendly light is perfect for your Northern Michigan home.

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Replace one lightbulb with solar light and you’ve saved 90 pounds of carbon emissions a year.

That’s a fact that the designers of Solight lanterns live by. While these origami-shaped solar lanterns shine in the design department, Solight’s mission is nothing less than personalized access to solar power that can help save the planet and its people.

Lowering our carbon footprints should make us all feel good about using these self-charging lanterns to light walkways, campsites and a multitude of other outdoor areas (they’re made from durable sailcloth and some models can even float).

Solar powered lamp

Photo by Solight

But Solights can also help those left in the darkness after hurricanes or other natural disasters, as well as people in developing countries that have no access to electric lights— only dangerous and unhealthy kerosene lanterns. And then there’s Ukraine and its blackouts caused by Russian strikes on its power grid: “Currently we are working to get light to a children’s hospital in Ukraine,” a member of the Solight design team tells us.

The folks at Solight assure us that their lanterns will work in Northern winters as well as summers. While you’re shopping for yourself on the Solight website, check out the Give a Light page to find out how you can help spread Solights where they are needed around the world.

Photo(s) by Solight