Snow days aren’t just for the kids! Our team spent the day at Delamar in Traverse City testing out the new Snow Days Day Pass. Here’s the verdict, plus why you might want to consider a relaxing winter snow day in your near future.

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The last time I was able to enjoy a snow day was when I attended Central Michigan University and we famously got hit with the “Snowpocalypse” that was strong enough to shut campus down the night before class. A group of us with pajamas already on piled into our snow gear and headed to town to enjoy a few celebratory drinks at The Bird, our local watering hole of choice. The next day we slept in, got outside to make some snowmen, enjoyed hot chocolate and reveled in not having a worry in the world. It’s now been a decade since the freeing feeling of that last snow day experience, and quite honestly, I still yearn for it every winter.

When the team at Delamar invited us out for the day to test their Snow Days Day Pass, I could feel the memories of snow days past flooding my mind. I had never had a “scheduled” snow day, if you will, but as an adult, this felt very on-brand and I quickly accepted the opportunity without question alongside six and a half of my colleagues (yes, we had a pint-sized friend join us for her first snow day ever!).

When our snow day finally arrived, it only made sense that it was one of the snowiest and most bone-chillingly cold days of the year thus far. I pulled up to Delamar with a familiar, child-like excitement in my bones and headed to the front desk for check-in. They handed me my day pass with a guide of all the available amenities, “Wow, it really is all-access!” I said, and then I was sent over to our first stop of the day, the cozy cabanas.

Perched around the outdoor pool courtyard, these cabanas were heated, beautifully outfitted, filled with lights and had a Stanley thermos of hot chocolate and a healthy dose of freshly whipped cream and sprinkles waiting for us. As our team started to arrive, I put a playlist of ’90s feel-good songs on the speaker that was provided and we ordered cocktails, mocktails and a charcuterie board to share. Little Emmy (our pint-sized friend!) was the star of the show and it was quickly decided that the rest of the whipped cream was all hers.

Baby holding a snow days pass

Photo by Allison Jarrell

Charcuterie board from Delamar Hotel

Photo by Allison Jarrell

Close up of a charcuterie board

Photo by Allison Jarrell

After enjoying our time in the cozy cabanas, we knew our next stop had to be for a swim. We all headed toward the indoor pool, sauna and hot tub to enjoy the next hour (…or two) unwinding, chatting, swimming and soaking. That’s when we all decided, maybe it was time to head to the heated outdoor pool. As you could imagine it was cold, so we were a pinch nervous. We wrapped our towels tightly around us and headed outdoors, goosebumps forming the moment we opened the door. We tossed our towels off and got into the pool as quickly as we could. To our surprise, the pool was heated to a wonderful 94 degrees and in that moment all we could do was laugh at our initial fear. Snowflakes slowly started to come down and the remaining four of us floated in pure bliss.

The signal for our next stop was our grumbling stomachs. It was time to get out of the sanctuary of our heated pool and make our way over to the on-site restaurant, Artisan. We opted to sit bar-side since we felt a pinch underdressed in our comfy clothes, but the team at Artisan didn’t even bat an eye, they knew what we were doing here so I had to assume we weren’t the first underdressed, relaxed-looking Snow Day passers. After a quick look through the menu we ordered two lobster rolls, the Chilean sea bass, salmon and bottle of Prosecco to split. Each dish felt incredibly fresh, perfectly cooked and came packed with delicious flavors. As we talked about our adult snow day, we decided to end with the salted caramel fluffy cheesecake, which was eaten almost as quickly as it was put on the table.

Ultimately, we left Delamar and Artisan feeling relaxed and full, both physically and mentally. This was a special shared day for all—no spoon under the pillow, ice cubes flushed down the toilet or pajamas on backwards and inside out needed this time.


Who said snow days are just for the kids? ❄️ Yesterday our team took advantage of Delamar Traverse City’s new Snow Days Day Pass and it’s safe to say we’ll be back again soon! ♬ original sound - 444.songss

What’s Included in Delamar’s Snow Days Day Pass?

This pass acts as an all-access pass to the Delamar amenities you’d enjoy if you were staying at the hotel and includes:

  • Indoor and outdoor pool access
  • Sauna and hot tub access
  • Gym access (Peloton, treadmills, free weights)
  • 20% off at drop-in classes at onsite Yen Yoga & Fitness
  • 25% off your bill at the onsite restaurant Artisan
  • Cozy cabana access (book in advance, $100 food & beverage minimum)
  • Snowshoe rental & curated guide of local trails
  • S’mores kits for fire pits lit at 5 p.m. daily
  • Hot coca bar from 6 to 8 p.m.
  • Free wifi and a library of board games by the indoor fireplace

How to Book Your Snow Days Day Pass

These day passes are limited, so we recommend booking in advance, and they are available Sunday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and are $35 each for ages 13 and up, $25 each for children 3 to 12 and free for infants up to 2 years old.

Book Your Pass Now!

Photo(s) by Allison Jarrell