Looking for the perfect small bite to impress a crowd? These five sweet, salty and savory bite-size delights crafted by Saltless Sea Creamery duo Dave and Joy Omar will be the hit of any party.

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Five Perfect Small Bites Shopping List

Download this shopping list to make your party planning a breeze. 


Small Bite 1 | Oxheart Carrot + Smoked Whitefish Pâté + Half-Sour Pickle

After a long day of winter activities, get cozy and prepare for a night of drinks with friends with this bite-size delicacy. Incorporating the crunchiness of oxheart carrot from Loma Farm as a cracker replacement allows the fresh flavors of Lake Michigan smoked whitefish paté from Carlson’s Fishery and half-sour pickles from Traverse City Pickle Company to shine through.

Small Bite 2 | Antique Macintosh Apple + Parmichigano Cheese + Honeycomb + Pecan

This is the ultimate crunchy, sweet, and savory bite to serve for the holiday season. Starting with the sweet Macintosh apple from VerSnyder Orchards as a base, layer this small bite with a slice of Parmigiano cheese from Saltless Sea Creamery, honeycomb from Hilbert’s Honey Co., and a pecan to top it all off.

honey on a knife with apple cheese and nut in the background

Photo by Sarah Peschel

Small Bite 3 | Honey Badger Snack Stick + Riveter Cheese + Apple & Onion Jam

Thinly sliced honey badger snack sticks from Maxbauer Speciality Meat Market make an excellent base. Top the thinly sliced meat with shaved riveter cheese from Saltless Sea Creamery and sweet and savory apple and onion jam from American Spoon. This is a great small bite to serve at any work party, holiday gathering or a casual get-together with friends.

P.S. Use the leftover apple and onion jelly for a grilled cheese. You’ll thank us later!

Small Bite 4 | Rustic Baguette + Raclette Cheese + Brandied Cherries

A crunchy, toasted baguette from Common Good Bakery, raclette cheese from Leelanau Cheese and sweet brandied cherries from American Spoon all stacked to perfection. This small bite incorporates some of Northern Michigan’s favorite local ingredients that are delicious all year long.

cherry jam and cheese on bread

Photo by Sarah Peschel

Small Bite 5 | Hazelnut Sea-Salt Chocolate Bark + Idyll Pastures Cheese + Apricot Preserves

Start with a hazelnut chocolate bark base from Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate. Top it with creamy and tangy Idyll Pastures cheese from Idyll Farms and finish with sweet apricot preserves from American Spoon. It’s the sweet and savory snack that will have guests questioning how a three-ingredient bite could taste so delicious.

jam and goat cheese on bread

Photo by Sarah Peschel

Photo(s) by Sarah Peschel