2022 has been a year of exponential growth for Mundos Roasting & Co. in Traverse City. From opening up two brand new shops to, most recently, moving their headquarters, here’s what they’ve been up to this year. Plus video taking you inside multiple Mundos locations, tips on standout coffees to try and the most up-to-date address list for all four Mundos locations.

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For Dan Clark, owner of Mundos Roasting & Co., the number one goal is to love people well, and that love is shown in a whole lot of ways: a friendly greeting, a comfortable chair in a cozy corner, a hot cup of coffee. “We love creating spaces for people to come together and share life over great coffee,” he says.

All of Mundos’ locations are warm but minimal, with black and white interiors punctuated by local artwork. You’ll also find goods like pottery and skincare. “There are so many amazing creators in this area,” Dan says. “Part of our mission is to highlight these awesome people.”

Photo by Dave Weidner

Photo by Dave Weidner

Photo by Dave Weidner

Since launching Mundos in 2017 on Boon Street in Traverse City (headquarters now located at 1238 S. Garfield Ave. as of 11/21/2022), Dan and his family have opened three additional locations, including one in Suttons Bay and two this summer on Traverse City’s West Front Street. The 1,300-square-foot Mundos West sits on a wooded lot alongside Kids Creek with towering windows overlooking the water. There’s seating for 15 plus a standing bar, and the menu, designed for shorter wait times, includes grab-and-go sandwiches and batch brews. A mile down the road at Mundos 305, large tables welcome groups of friends and coworkers. The 3,500-square-foot space has seating for 75, and two entire walls of windows let in lots of natural light (which the many plants inside love).

Photo by Dave Weidner

3 Standout Coffees to Try at Mundos

Dan and his fam are loving these brews:

1. Mrs. Gemedech | Ethiopia
Natural processed coffee with notes of cherry, plum and lavender.

2. Yuki Minami | Brazil
Natural processed coffee with notes of toffee, cocoa and peanut butter.

3. Rodrigo Perefan | Colombia
Washed coffee with notes of peach and mango.

Photo by Dave Weidner

Photo by Dave Weidner

All 4 Mundos Locations in Northern Michigan

Mundos HQ
1238 S. Garfield Ave., Traverse City

Mundos West
720 W. Front St., Traverse City

Mundos 305
305 W. Front St., Traverse City

Mundos North
206 N. St. Joseph St. B, Suttons Bay

Searching for more on Mundos or trying to hunt down hours for each shop? Head to the official Mundos website.

Photo by Dave Weidner

Photo(s) by Dave Weidner