Go on a journey! From the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore to the Upper Peninsula, add these seven children’s books by Northern Michigan authors to your winter reading list.

Second Chance Christmas

Written by Janet Defever / Illustrated by Tajín Robles

Author Janet Defever grew up on a small Michigan farm in the 1970s, one of six children. Hard work was a part of life, and Defever envied her friends in town who were able to play sports and participate in Girl Scouts. In this true story about the Christmas of 1971, a request to do the dishes led to a huge fight between sisters—and was overheard by Santa himself. Will the girls get gifts, or did they land themselves on the naughty list?

A Michigan Night Before Christmas

Written by Norma Lewis / Illustrated by Sarah Kaake

In this whimsical twist on a holiday classic, Yooper the bear sets an alarm on Christmas Eve to wake his family up from their winter hibernation—just in time to meet Santa. Papa isn’t too pleased about being roused from his sleep, but in the end even he is a believer.

Tor & Raven are Friends

Written by Katharine Crawford Robey & Tracy Mikowski / Illustrated by Zoë Williams

When Tor, an American Shepherd, finds a Petoskey at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore he hopes that the amazing stone will bring him a friend. Meanwhile, in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska, Raven, too, finds a remarkable stone, a heart-shaped rock sitting right in the middle of a bear paw print. That night a great West Wind arises and blows Raven all the way across the country to Michigan. She lands on Tor’s chimney and falls inside his cabin. The unlikely pair bond during a summer full of fun, including a visit to Fishtown, hiking the dunes and building a sand castle. But what will happen when Raven gets homesick for Alaska? Will their friendship endure?

Sheldon’s Journey

Written by Tricia Frey / Illustrated by Delaney Cavanaugh

Sheldon, a sweet-natured dog, finds himself alone in the cold, white wilderness and in search of his true home. Along the way, Sheldon discovers many friends who help guide him and learns that someone is waiting for him … Snickers the Cat and her human Twyla, who has love in her heart for all animals, live by a flowing river in a house made of wood and stone. They love each other very much but wish for a friend to live with them.

Goodnight Leelanau

Written by Ryan & Maggie Hudspeth / Illustrated by Kaarin Herendeen

Leland the puppy takes readers on an M-22 adventure with stops in Frankfort, Empire, Glen Arbor, Leland, Northport, Suttons Bay and Traverse City. The book captures the magic of family vacations in Northern Michigan and the lifelong memories that are made here.

Little Drop

Written by Michael Lucido, PhD / Illustrated by Patricia Clark, MA

Northern Michigan–based clinical psychologist Michael Lucido was inspired by his daughter to share the story of Little Drop and her journey through the water cycle. Guided by Momma Moon, Little Drop learns how to deal with her fears about life’s changes. Momma Moon offers reflective questions for parents to help their own Little Drops navigate anxiety.

Mushroom House Mane: The Story of Earl Young and His Cottages of Stone

Written by Alice B. McGinty / Illustrated by Sharon Smithem

Award-winning author Alice McGinty is passionate about picture book biographies, working “to make the lives and accomplishments of many diverse people accessible to [children].” McGinty’s latest book shares the story of Earl Young and his fairytale cottages, which are known and admired worldwide.