With a seasonal Fishtown shop and new year-round storefront in Suttons Bay, owner Annie Lang Hartman has transformed the former Compass Paper Co. (now called Wild Lettie) into a thriving eco-conscious retail haven. Plus five items you’ll want to check out in-store below.

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Q&A with Wild Lettie Owner Annie Lang Hartman

Carly Simpson: You’ve recently changed your name from Compass Paper Co. to Wild Lettie. What’s the inspiration there?
Annie Lang Hartman: The name “Lettie” means joy. And that’s what we’ve been about since we were Compass Paper Co. When I realized we outgrew our old brand name, I knew I wanted to replace it with something we could grow with. Something that’s fun and evokes a feeling.

CS: When did you start working with REI? (Very cool!)
ALH: We started off small in 2018, stocking their five regional flagship stores, and after our cards quickly sold out, we worked up to having products in all 160 stores. Now we send them monthly restocks and each year we are fulfilling bigger orders. The volume of products we sell to them helps us scale and grow all areas of our business—it’s allowed us to open our own stores and invest in new products each season.

CS: What have you been loving about the new Suttons Bay location?
ALH: We are already in love with the community. It’s been so welcoming, not just our neighbors but also residents. We are so excited to add more brands and grow our own line with this year-round location. And, yes, our beloved Fishtown location is not going anywhere either. We love being a part of both wonderful towns!

Check Out These 5 Can’t-Miss Items from Wild Lettie

Headband, face mask, neck gaiter, bandana, hair scrunchie, sweatband— this is go-to gear. Bonus: Made from eco-friendly material woven from recycled plastic bottles that’s moisture wicking.

A quick-drying, lightweight, sand-proof product that takes up way less room in your beach bag than a traditional towel.

This dishwasher-proof insulated mug doesn’t burn your fingers like other camp mugs.

A silver enamel keychain of everyone’s favorite Michigan stone.

For all your wild dreams and grocery lists. Made with recycled paper and printed with vegetable-based inks.

Gifts from Wild Lettie

Photo by Wild Lettie

Photo(s) by Wild Lettie