Have you heard the story of Alden’s cutest creatures? Tiny and clever, Dinkies live in Northern Michigan towns much like ours, only much smaller and sometimes invisible (wink). This summer, four new Dinky Doors have been spotted. Go visit them yourself for a super sweet family-friendly activity.

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Go on a Dinky Door Scavenger Hunt!

Last summer, Alden debuted its Art Walk, which showcases sculptures and sites throughout the village along with the wonderfully whimsical Dinky Doors. An interactive map is available online or via QR codes located at each Art Walk display. The doors, created by miniaturist Lauren Delaney George, can be found at eight locations throughout town. Four were available last summer, and four new doors were added this year.

“With the new doors, visitors can discover four more great corners of Alden: the dinky library, dinky ice cream shop, and dinky Grange. If they are especially clever, visitors can solve a heist at the Dinky bank! The Dinkies have been a big hit with visitors, who regularly fill the Muffin Tin’s dinky mailbox with letters to these elusive creatures of Torch Lake,” Lauren says.

Here’s a peek at what you’ll see:

Blue Alden Dinky Door

Photo by Alden Volunteers

Flower shop Dinky Door

Photo by Alden Volunteers

Photo(s) by Alden Volunteers