Outdoor concerts are a summer staple—and Northern Michigan has some of the best around. This July, head to Fountain Point Resort in Lake Leelanau to hear original songs by three artists and the inspiration behind their lyrics, plus a bonus Q&A below.

Bringing a Nashville-inspired tradition to Lake Leelanau, Lyrics ‘Round the Lake, a limited three-concert tour by 3 Sips, is coming to Fountain Point Resort on July 20. Enjoy music by artists Chris Barron, Shawn Mullins and Steve Poltz, who will perform in a songwriters’ round, as they take turns sharing original songs and the stories behind their finely-crafted lyrics.

Fountain Point Resort has hosted over a hundred outdoor concerts, but none open to the public since 2019. Pack your cooler, bring some beverages and enjoy the spectacular scenery along the shore of Lake Leelanau. The concert begins at 7:30 p.m., and tickets will be limited to 350 people. 

Lyrics Round the Lake

Photo by 3 Sips

Q&A: More Behind the Writers’ Round

We got the inside scoop on the upcoming event with 3 Sips at Fountain Point Resort, so read on for all the exciting details and don’t forget to grab your tickets!  

Q: Tell us why you’re excited about this event/series of events.

A: There is something special about the format of this event. The way the artists collaborate in singing and storytelling is engrossing. Each artist comes from a different background. This event is part of a three-night series and I am so excited to watch them perform three nights in a row, knowing how different and natural each show will be. Everything is on the spot and they always know the right time to perform each song or tell each story. A mentor of mine who introduced the “in the round” performance to me said one of the best ways to explain this format is “50% listening to music, 50% comedy,” and that really is the best way to explain it in my opinion. These guys are hilarious and even more talented. I am so excited to see them play together and to share this experience with viewers in Northern Michigan.

Q: What are some highlights of the venue?

A: Fountain Point is a beautiful and historic resort that has hosted over a hundred outdoor concerts. However, none have been hosted since the summer of 2019 (pre-pandemic). This will be their first outdoor concert open to the public since the pandemic. The event will be held at the lakefront resort on a large and beautiful green lawn that outlooks Lake Leelanau. The outdoor, lakefront concert will be limited to 350 people to create a more intimate atmosphere for those purchasing tickets.

Q: How does your organization’s mission connect with this event?

A: My organization’s mission is to bring different kinds of music to different locations. The format of this event is something you would see at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN, not in Northern Michigan. So bringing this traditional writers’ round event to Traverse City supports my mission of bringing a unique kind of music to a new location.

The Line-Up

  • Chris Barron | Best known as the lead singer of Spin Doctors, with top hits “Two Princes” and “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong.”
  • Shawn Mullins | Singer-songwriter specializing in folk-rock, instrumental rock, adult alternative and Americana music. He is best known for the 1998 single “Lullaby.”
  • Steve Poltz | Founding member of the indie-rock band The Rugburns and collaborated with Jewel, including on “You Were Meant for Me.” 

Photo(s) by Fountain Point Studios