Beards Brewery in Petoskey is packaging and distributing its crazy cool maple sap stout for the first time AND opening a brand new “Root Cellar” in the pub’s basement. Read on for the full brew update:

In its 10th year of business, Beards Brewery is offering a Limited Release of Tree Blood to Michigan markets. Tree Blood has been a seasonal staple in the Beards beer release calendar, but this is the first time it will be packaged in both draft and 16-ounce cans and made available in all of the brewery’s distribution markets.

The Tree Blood Maple Sap Stout highlights Michigan’s seasons as well as local harvesting. Born from the Northern Michigan forest, this special stout is brewed with fresh maple sap in place of water, giving it a rich woody and earthy tone. Variance in annual harvest conditions gives each vintage unique characteristics, making it a truly limited yearly experience.

“We can’t wait to get cans in hands,” says Beards Co-Founder Ben Slocum who was on hand during the inaugural canning of Tree Blood earlier this month. “Ever since Tree Blood was first created, it has been a goal to package it and share it—it’s truly a Northern Michigan experience in a can.”

The Tree Blood release also coincides with other exciting projects. As part of a new ‘North of Normal’ campaign, Tree Blood emphasizes the unique and adventurous nature of the Full Beards Experience, encouraging consumers to be curious and try new things. Part of this campaign includes the new Beards Brewery pub basement destination, the Beards Root Cellar, located in the basement of the current pub and restaurant.

“Beards Root Cellar is about going back to our experimental, laid-back, craft beer roots,” explains Beards Co-Founder Peter Manthei. “It’s the place where you can grab a beer and lounge, where the beer is being brewed. Pending a few final inspections, we plan to have it open for the 4th of July weekend.”

Ben Slocum, Beards Co-owner, holding a Tree Blood can.

Photo by Beards Brewery

Photo(s) by Rachel Haggerty