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June 2022 Small Bite: Fischer’s Strawberry Pie

7100 N. Manitou Trail (M-22) | Northport | Fischer’s Happy Hour Tavern Website

This seasonal sweet appears on the menu at Fischer’s Happy Hour Tavern in Northport as soon as strawberries are ripe, typically in mid-June. “It’s very weather dependent because we only use local berries,” says third-generation co-owner Kristi Fischer, who makes 10 pies a day and sells it by the slice. “The longest pie season I’ve had is three weeks and the shortest was 10 days.” For a truly happy hour, grab a patio seat and pair your pie with a glass of local white wine. Fischer recommends Good Harbor Vineyards’ Fishtown White. Tip: Follow Fischer’s on Facebook for pie updates and know that it almost always sells out by late afternoon.

Strawberry pie from Fischer's Happy Hour Tavern

Photo by Fischer's Happy Hour Tavern.

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May 2022 Small Bite: Mimi’s Homemade Chicken Soup

2070 J. Maddy Parkway, Interlochen | Mimi’s Taqueria Website

Don’t let the simple name fool you. This is no ordinary chicken and rice soup. Husband and wife Angel and Mimi Sanchez, owners of Mimi’s Taqueria in Interlochen, have put a Mexican spin on it, adding pico de gallo, cilantro, finely diced jalapeños and crispy tortillas for a just-right salty-spicy kick. And that lime wedge served on the side? Squeeze it on top for a zesty finale. Call ahead so you can bring some home for dinner on Cinco de Mayo, along with an order of churros, of course.

Chicken soup with tortillas from Mimi's in Interlochen

Photo by Mimi's Taqueria

April 2022 Small Bite: The Bread Lady’s Caprese Bread

19773 Linwood Ave., Lake Ann | The Bread Lady’s Website

Rachel Beckwith’s cinnamon rolls put her on the map in 2019 as Lake Ann’s Bread Lady, but now customers also come for the 28 rotating flavors of bread and sweets like buckeye brownies and lemon bars. For Easter or Mother’s Day brunch, we’re craving the best-selling Caprese bread—a constant on the menu made fresh daily with tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and a balsamic glaze—which Rachel says is especially good for BLTs. (I bought a loaf for “fact-checking” and can confirm it makes a darn good sandwich.) Find The Bread Lady at her Lake Ann home where the garage has been converted into a kitchen and small shop open to the public or the Interlochen, Frankfort and Elk Rapids farmers markets.

Caprese Bread from the Lake Ann Bread Lady

Photo by The Lake Ann Bread Lady

March 2022 Small Bite: Taproot Cider House Shepherd’s Pie

300 E. Front St., Traverse City | Taproot Website

To experience a true celebration of Made in Northern Michigan, grab a seat at Taproot Cider House in downtown TC. Proprietor Jen Viren has (literally) put down roots in the community—a taproot (the strongest root and the foundation of a tree) is the centerpiece behind the bar. To Jen, roots represent local partnerships—something she and husband/co-owner/chef Andrew Viren showcase in every item on the menu.

On March’s still chill nights, we love their take on a classic English dish: Shepherd’s Pie. Served up bubbling hot in a crock, it features Zimba Farms organic grass-fed beef, Providence Farm ground lamb, Omena Organics sweet peas, Lakeview Hill organic Oneida gold potatoes and St. Ambrose red wine. Pair it with a glass of cherry ginger hard cider. “Its bright complex flavors cut through the richness and bring the dish to life,” Jen says.

Shepherd's Pie from Taproot in Traverse City

Photo by Taproot Cider House

Photo(s) by Fischer's Happy Hour Tavern