Be here at sunset! From an Old Mission Peninsula overlook to Clinch Park in Traverse City, here are the 5 best spots to watch the sunset in Grand Traverse County.

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1. Clinch Park & Beach

111 E. Grandview Pkwy | Traverse City

Rent a paddleboard and watch the sunset while floating on the bay, walk the pier or simply sink into one of the turquoise Adirondacks that line the beach here.

Clinch Park in Traverse City

Photo by Dave Weidner

2. Deepwater Point

6263 Deepwater Point Rd. | Williamsburg 

This lovely natural area with 17 acres on East Grand Traverse Bay feels very off the beaten path. The rustic shoreline is a short walk from the parking area. Your sunset view here is due west, across the bay and over Old Mission Peninsula. If you’re looking for that calming day-is-done feel, this is your spot.

3. Hickory Hills Recreation Area

2000 Randolph St. | Traverse City

Where there are ski hills, there are great sunsets. That’s the case at Hickory Hills Recreation & Ski Area on the west side of Traverse City, where the view from the slope captures Grand Traverse Bay. Bring the dog and hike the 1.8-mile Hickory Hills Loop Trail to call it an evening.

4. Old Mission Scenic Heritage Route Turnout

M-37 | Old Mission Peninsula

A sunset and glass of wine (Old Mission Peninsula boasts 11 fabulous wineries) is always an unforgettable pairing. But to get the most of it, time your drive to be at the M-37 Scenic Turnout on the west side of the road—just before you get to Chateau Grand Traverse—at sundown when celestial colors splash across vineyards, orchards and West Grand Traverse Bay.

Photo by Dave Weidner

5. Sunset Park

635 E. Front St. (At the base of Hope Street) | Traverse City

This downtown beach is a bit quieter than Clinch Park, but the sunsets are no less lovely. With a big grassy area, picnic tables, grills and playground, you can make an evening of it!

Photo(s) by Dave Weidner