Cadillac’s Gopherwood Concerts has announced its upcoming lineup for October, November and January. Here’s what to expect from these awesome, intimate Northern Michigan events and how to get your tickets.

Five band members with instruments.

Photo by Gopherwood Concerts

Tell us why you’re excited about this series of events.
After a year and a half, we are excited once again to present live, in-person music in Cadillac. This season we have a mix of returning acts and those new to our stage.

What are some highlights of the venue?
The majority of our shows are held at the Cadillac Elks Lodge. We are a listening room that holds 200 patrons, so each show provides attendees with an intimate performance not found in a larger venue. Our two to three house concerts each year offer the chance for an even more intimate setting that both musicians and attendees have been enjoying for several years.

How does your organization’s mission connect with this event?
The mission of Gopherwood is to bring world-class live music to Cadillac that is not often found in our area.

Is there any other news you want to share?
This is Gopherwood’s 38th season of presenting live music in Cadillac. We hope the public finds our schedule to be as exciting as we do.

These featured photos are of the first four performers of the season: The Rough and Tumble, Full Cord Bluegrass, Robbie Schaefer and The Sweet Water Warblers.

Learn about all four concerts and purchase your tickets below.
Three women sitting on stairs.

Photo by Gopherwood Concerts

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Photo by Gopherwood Concerts

Photo(s) by Gopherwood Concerts