This summer, check out Leelanau Boat Co., a new full-service boating experience venture in Northern Michigan.



So, what is Leelanau Boat Co.?

It started with two friends, Adam Prettyman and Jason Thibodeau, who wanted to bring “the good ole days” back to boating services.

Adam, with 25 years of experience in the boating industry, is a skipper, marine surveyor and owner of Prettyman Marine Services. Jason, an avid boater and hospitality advocate, is the operating partner at The Parlor, a craft cocktail lounge, and Brasserie Amie, a French restaurant and bar, both in Traverse City. “I have a background in hospitality and Adam helped me find our dream boat,” Jason says. “We became great friends through that process, and through many conversations on that boat we discussed how hospitality was lacking in the boating industry, so we set out to fix that.

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“Boating shouldn’t be limited to those with fat wallets or people who know how to pull a heavy trailer and back it down a slippery launch,” Jason adds. “Our aim is to make boating fun for everyone through excellent service and hospitality.”

To achieve this, Leelanau Boat Co. offers:

  • Boat Club – For locals who love boating but don’t own one, there’s boat club. Members receive all the benefits of boat ownership without the hassle and expenses. Members can use several 2021 luxury Landau tritoons and pontoons all summer long. Leelanau Boat Co. transports, launches and retrieves the boats for members and provides boat insurance, maintenance, repairs and cleaning. “We felt everyone should experience the highlights of boating, and this is a great way to do just that without all the trouble of owning,” Jason says.
  • Boat Concierge Service – For boat owners, Leelanau Boat Co. offers a concierge service. They store your boat indoors and transport, launch and retrieve it when and where you want. If you want your boat cleaned, detailed or serviced in any way, they’ll take care of that for you, too.
  • Boat Storage & Servicing – Leelanau Boat Co. has a full-service boatyard. Storage options include cold indoor, heated indoor and outside. They also do fiberglass, electronics and mechanical work, canvass and upholstery repairs, detailing, winterizing and many other services.
  • Boat Condos – Currently under development are 1,200-square-foot private heated storage units. These can be used to store and work on your boat, RV, classic car or motorcycle. Condo owners have access to common areas such as bathrooms, a kitchen and other amenities. Owners will have access to the onsite facilities and services of Leelanau Boat Co.

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Photo(s) by Taylor Brown