When summer hits, the waterside becomes everything from an office to a lounge—whether it be by your pool or on your beach or dock. Check out these three Northern Michigan home ideas to kick up your experience!

1. Smart Technology

Working remotely by your pool? Grooving to tunes on your dock? Both are excellent ideas. But frustration sets in if your Wi-Fi doesn’t reach down to your dock. Todd Waara of Waara Technologies to the rescue. Waara’s solution is to install a commercial-grade Wi-Fi system into your home with plenty of punch outside. He does it by installing tiny antennas and a wire in your pool, beach or dock area, then camouflaging it all into the landscape.

And what about those smokin’ speakers for your dock-listening pleasure? Waara has you covered there, too. “We can put sand-colored rock-shaped speakers on the beach or mount them under built-in benches,” Waara says.

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2. Dramatic Lighting

Ahh, the romance and mystery of a torch in the night! Imagine your pool, dock or beach bedecked in columns of curling flame. Tempest Torches by Travis Industries has the look and technology nailed. Torches come in both propane and natural gas and in a variety of styles. Find a dealer near you: tempesttorch.com

3. Efficient Storage

There is nothing like having your own fleet of paddleboards and kayaks so friends and family can hop onto the water with ease. But storing watercraft on the ground isn’t good for them—and tripping over them isn’t good for you or your guests. Solution: an all-aluminum rack made especially for kayaks, paddleboards and their paddles, by the Traverse City-based Twin Bay Docks & Products. Choose from single and double paddleboard racks and single kayak racks that attach to your dock. Or, opt for a free-standing unit with adjustable legs that can be placed near or even in the water and holds up to three kayaks and two paddleboards.

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