We’re bringing you some of our favorite recipes for spring in Northern Michigan. Featuring local and fresh vegetables like asparagus, ramps and leeks these dishes are sure to leave you feeling inspired and nourished all spring long.

Delicious Spring Asparagus Recipes

Cherry & Wild Leek BBQ Chicken

We believe every spring grilling session should feature cherry and wild leek BBQ chicken. This flavorful and tender dish pairs well with most spring vegetable sides and is extremely versatile. Whether you’re cooking it up as a chicken sandwich or are looking to add it to a BBQ bowl, we can guarantee leftovers may be out of the picture.

Grilled Asparagus Salad with Salsa Verde Vinaigrette

As a healthier lunch option, this salad is perfect for a warm, spring day. Featuring delicious flavors, seasonal asparagus and local greens this unique salad is sure to get you out of any salad rut. Let the craving begin!

Classic Pickled Asparagus

Whether you’re looking to serve asparagus as a side or a flavorful salad topping, we highly recommend pickling your own asparagus. This simple method yields delicious pickled asparagus ready to be eaten in as soon as 2 to 3 weeks.

Morel, Asparagus, and Fiddlehead Gratin

If you’ve got fresh morels and asparagus on hand, this may quickly become one of your favorite dishes. Serve it up as a side or main dish to explore the excitement of locally foraged items making their way into your menu.

Julia Norconk’s Asparagus Toast

Asparagus for breakfast? Asparagus for breakfast! Fresh, local and flavorful, this asparagus toast is exactly what you’re looking for in a spring breakfast. Almost too craveable, this dish features ingredients you may already have in your kitchen plus local eggs, milk, cheese and whatever else you can get your hands on. Move over avocado toast, asparagus toast is in town!

asparagus toast

Julia Norconk’s Asparagus Toast

Bread Pudding with Asparagus

Asparagus-Leek Bread Pudding

Leek & Ramp Spring Recipes

Mini Wild Leek Frittatas

Local ingredients and a cook time of fewer than 30 minutes make this recipe attainable for cooks of all levels.  Whether you’re eating them fresh or freezing to eat for the week, leek frittatas are our favorite on-the-go breakfast.

Wild Leek & Morel Mushroom Pasta

If you’re at the perfect part of the spring season where you can find both wild leeks or ramps and morels… it’s mandatory you make this pasta. Creamy, fresh and flavorful this pasta is sure to occupy quite a bit of space in your mind every time spring comes around. We highly recommend keeping this recipe on hand.

Potato, Leek & Cilantro Soup

Dealing with a rainy and cold spring day? Soup is the solution! This delicious potato, leek and cilantro soup features local ingredients, is simple to create and can leave you feeling cozy through any spring storm.

Ramp Gibson Cocktail

Also known as the forager’s martini, the Ramp Gibson is a perfect twist for spring. Replacing the signature Gibson onion with a ramp, this cocktail is sure to stir up some conversation.


Photo of a ramp gibson on a table with a cocktail shaker, vodka and pickled ramps.

Spring Recipes Featuring Leeks & Asparagus

Asparagus-Leek Bread Pudding

Featured in our March 2021 issue, this savory bread pudding combines both asparagus and leek. While the crusty brown top and soft and fluffy inside are delicious, the true highlight is bursting flavor from two of spring’s first vegetables.

Asparagus, Wild Leek & Fromage Blanc Omelette

Our favorite breakfast dishes are the ones that allow us to serve up something fresh and seasonal. Featuring local products from 9 Bean Rows and Leelanau Cheese, this omelette is tasty, healthy and celebrates everything we love about spring.

Asparagus, Wild Leek & Arugula Micro Greens Pizza

Pizza night… but with a huge spring twist! Before making this dish you’ll need to stop by all of your local favorites to help you prepare in creating and celebrating this cheesy, fresh and spring-forward dish. Warning: you may not be able to go back to normal pizza after this.