Morel mushroom hunting is a sure sign of spring in Northern Michigan. View some of our favorite recipes that allow the flavor of your freshly foraged morels to shine through!

Whether you just finished morel hunting in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore or simply visited your secret morel hunting spot in Northern Michigan, we’re ready to help you make the most of your fresh-picked foraged finds. View some of our favorite morel recipes that will make your tastebuds come alive through breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What are morel mushrooms? Why do people in Northern Michigan hunt morels? Learn more about the magic of morels in Northern Michigan.

Appetizer, Brunch & Lunch Morel Recipies


morel mushroom recipes

Puree of Asparagus Soup with Morels

This vibrant and delicious soup highlights everything we love about spring. It is simple, easy to create, features morels and can be served both chilled or hot.
View the Asparagus Soup with Morels Recipe


Morel, Potato & Herb Flatbread 

Served as an appetizer or meal, this flatbread is a great addition to any spread. Whether you’re looking to wow the crowd at a spring get-together or you’re dining in while celebrating your freshly foraged morels, this recipe is sure to please.
View the Morel, Potato & Herb Flatbread Recipe


Northwoods Quiche with Morels

Developed by Northwoods, this tasty quiche is perfect for breakfast or brunch! If you’re looking to add more than foraged morels, you can also hunt down some ramps (wild leeks) to replace the normal leeks in this recipe.
View the Quiche with Morels Recipe


Foraging for more than just morels? Learn how you can build a foraged feast with morels, ramps and other Northern Michigan spring finds.

Our Favorite Morel Mushroom Dinner Recipes

morel pizza

Grilled Morel Pizza

Regular cheese pizza is so last season. Check out this delicious twist on pizza for one of our favorite ways to eat morels. Cheesy, grilled and delicious, this pizza is sure to please.
View the Grilled Morel Pizza Recipe

Wild Leek & Morel Mushroom Pasta

Featuring fresh morels and leeks, this pasta is sure to please! This simple recipe can be created with items already in your pantry and fridge and highlight the fresh taste of your foraged finds.
View the Wild Leek & Morel Mushroom Pasta Recipe

Jolly Pumpkin Dried Morel Mac & Cheese

Even though it won a people’s choice award more than a decade ago, this is still one of our go-to recipes for a perfect spring mac and cheese! Timeless, delicious and featuring dried morels, this cheesy dish is sure to be the highlight of your day.
View the Morel Mac & Cheese Recipe

Warm Asparagus and Morel Salad with Black Truffle Vinaigrette

If you’re looking for a lighter spring dish, this one is for you! The combination of asparagus and morels is one of our favorite and the addition of the black truffle vinaigrette only makes it that much better. Enjoy this dish outdoors on your new patio set that has been hiding away since winter.
View the Warm Asparagus & Morel Salad Recipe

Rib-Eye Steaks with Red Zin-Morel Sauce

Calling all sauce lovers, if you’re looking to craft a slightly more upscale dinner this rib-eye with a delicious red zin-morel sauce is a perfect choice! Grab your favorite bottle of red zinfandel and get ready to enjoy.
View the Steak & Red-Zin Morel Sauce Recipe

Morel, Leek & Cashew Risotto

This delicious recipe comes from the Grow Benzie cookbook, Seasonal Harvest Recipes. Self-foraged leeks and morels make this dish irresistible, while the cashews, lemon and thyme are all the wonderfully delicious cherry on top.
View the Morel, Leek & Cashew Risotto Recipe


Photo(s) by Brian Confer