Have a digital and telehealth startup but need that extra push to really take off? 20 Fathoms, a Traverse City-based nonprofit providing incubator and accelerator services for tech startups, is launching a new accelerator program for digital and telehealth startups. Applications are now open at  20fathoms.org/accelerator#apply  Apply by February 26 for the 12-week program which begins on April 12, 2021.

Why create this specific accelerator in Northern Michigan? “20Fathoms is committed to strengthening rural communities and economies in Northwest Michigan by providing programs and resources that foster technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship,” says Lauren Bigelow, executive director of 20Fathoms. “Healthcare is one of the most critical industries for supporting rural innovation, where we can help bring world-class healthcare solutions to patients in rural areas through advanced technology.”

Pre-seed, seed, and A-round digital and telehealth companies who are looking to hone their value proposition, expand their knowledge of health systems, and vastly expand their network are invited to apply for the HealthSpark Accelerator. Those chosen to participate will work with healthcare experts to learn how to bridge operational and delivery gaps on topics including supply chain, reimbursement, IT, regulatory, clinical application, business justification, budgeting, venture capital, and strategic investors.

“Digital and telehealth startups often provide advanced life-changing and lifesaving technology, but it can be difficult for them to get a foothold in the highly complex and traditional healthcare industry,” says Jack Miner, president of HealthSpark at 20Fathoms. “Through the HealthSpark Accelerator, startup leaders will learn critical information on how to successfully introduce their products to payers, providers, and strategic partners. They’ll graduate from the accelerator in a position to get their products to the people who need them more quickly.”

Bigelow says 20Fathoms is thrilled to have lined up an “incredible slate of speakers” for the HealthSpark Accelerator. Top speakers include:

  • Casey Cowell, Co-founder, U.S. Robotics; Principal, Boomerang Catapult
  • Aashima Gupta, Director, Global Healthcare Solutions, Google Cloud
  • Salim Hasham, Director and Global Head of Business Transformation Partnership, Google
  • James Nicholls, Partner and Managing Director, Fitzroy Health
  • Peter Rasmussen, MD, Chief Clinical Officer, Cleveland Clinic/Amwell Digital Health Joint Venture
  • Quinn Solomon, Partner, Bain & Company
  • Sarah Sossong, VP, Virtual Care and Winter Street Ventures at Commonwealth Care Alliance

Keynote presentations will be open to the public. Registration information will be shared at a later date.

Applications are now open at  20fathoms.org/accelerator#apply  Apply by February 26 for the 12-week program which begins on April 12, 2021.

Additional HealthSpark Accelerator Details

  • What it is: A 20Fathoms initiative, the HealthSpark Accelerator helps digital and telehealth startups navigate the complex healthcare industry and successfully introduce their products to payers, strategics, and providers. Happening virtually in 2021, the 12-week program covers critical topics to help health tech companies grow.
  • When: April 12 – Jun. 30, 2021
  • Who should participate: Pre-seed, seed, and A-round digital and telehealth companies. Opportunities to participate are also available for rural healthcare providers, mentors, angel and venture investors, corporates, and strategic partners.
  • Cost: There is no cost to participate in the HealthSpark Accelerator due to substantial grant support.
  • Sponsors: Munson Healthcare, Boomerang Catapult, Casey Cowell Charitable Fund, Jim & Diana Huckle Family Foundation, AXIOS HR, Northwestern Michigan College, and Ford Insurance Agency.
  • For more information: Visit 20fathoms.org/accelerator.