Bryan and I joined the fam for a fantastic winter weekend at The Homestead in Glen Arbor. Check it out. Love, Kathryn.

Big Blue (otherwise known as Lake Michigan) photo bombed us at the top of the ski hill. Trust us, that view is hard to turn your back on! From this spot, you can access seven runs. Choices, choices!

The littlest member of our group heads out to the magic carpet (kids just stand on it and away they go to the top of the bunny hill) with her mom’s help. Meanwhile, her sister hit the big slope for the first time. This place is awesome for kids!

Our friends’ daughter made friends over the s’more pit with the two cuties in blue!

Some of our group grabs a bite to eat (and drinks from the fun outdoor bar!) between runs—while we snuck away for some alone time at a fire pit. With two fire pits, an outdoor fireplace and 14 outdoor tower heaters all in Mountain Village, warming up is part of the fun. So many food choices to eat outside in the Mountain Village, too … pizza from Cavanaugh’s, burgers from Whiskers and ribs and chicken from the outdoor grill!

A little squirming in the chairlift was worth it to grab this shot! They call the lift Whatta View—really, what else would you call it? Yesterday we saw an eagle circling above us as we rode up. So cool!

Ummm … so this was our room in the Little Belle hotel. Twenty steps to the ski lifts. Two steps to the Jacuzzi!

This place is so romantic in the winter. Sigh …