After a successful reintroduction to market in summer 2020, Arcadia Brewing Company is coming in hot with a lineup of heavy hitter beers for 2021. 

Licensed in early 2020 by Superfluid Supply Co, a division of Northern Michigan brewery Short’s Brewing Co, the Arcadia brand plans to offer two rotating products—a bi-annual offering with quarterly seasonals to keep things interesting. 

“Arcadia has a pretty large portfolio of products that range across many styles, it was really tough to narrow down our 2021 line up,” states Pauline Preuter-Knighton, the sales director for Superfluid. “We chose these specific products based on gaps in the market, how they would compliment our Short’s brand offerings, and admittedly, we picked some of our favorites, too.” 

Whitsun, the brand’s flagship Wheat Ale brewed with coriander, orange peel, and honey, will be available thru summer 2021, and will be replaced by Sippelicious Wheat Ale in September, just in time for fall tailgating season. 

As for the quarterly offerings, they’re starting 2021 with a fresh batch of Porter Rico, a coconut porter and will follow it up with Loch Down Scotch Ale in April. Hopmouth, a double IPA that was a fan favorite will be released in summer 2021 with Jaw-Jacker—the pumpkin-spiced latte of fall beers—coming out in mid-September and available thru October. 

“You’re living under a rock if you’ve not heard of the aluminum can shortage, we’re preserving our can allotment for our larger volume products and hope to satisfy the OG craft drinkers by returning to glass bottles,” explains Scott Newman-Bale, the CEO of Superfluid Supply Co.

Whitsun and Porter Rico will be available in six-pack cans until further notice, and future releases will likely be packaged in six-packs of 12 oz bottles, along with kegs throughout Michigan.