To open up our 41st year in publication, Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine is debuting a brand new look! Get the background on the updated logo and layout refresh with MyNorth’s Marketing Director Erin Lutke as she interviews our new Art Director Tim Hussey. As the brains behind the refreshed feel, Tim details the future of Traverse in 2021 in the video below.

More about MyNorth’s new Art Director Tim Hussey from Editor-in-Chief Deb Wyatt Fellows’ Editor’s Note in the January 2021 issue:

This is Tim’s first issue at the helm having had the benefit of a gracious handoff from our valued and talented Gail Snable, art director for many years who is now pursuing her own new directions. Tim got right to work! As you’ve already seen, we have a new logo and cover design. We had not changed our logo in a decade, and Tim has worked hard to keep the classic look of Traverse, while opening up the logo to bring it into 2021 with both grace and energy. You’ll see that our font has returned to a “reader’s” typeface, reminding you with each turn of the page that this is a magazine meant to be read.

Tim has a wealth of experience designing magazines, including as the founding art director of the magazine world’s darling, Garden & Gun, as well as holding posts at Outside, Esquire and more. In his years since graduating from Rhode Island School of Design, Tim has seen a lot of changes in the magazine world. As have we all. What attracted him to join us? Two key things: First of all, in his words, “It’s gratifying to find a magazine that has values and pride in their mission.” And second, he gets the power of a shared love of place. Again, in his words, “There is a sense of community, where you feel like you know everyone, even if the room is filled with faces you don’t recognize. There is an extended family kind of feeling, and it’s like, ‘If you’ve chosen to live here and love it here, then we have that in common and are kin.’”

Tim joins a staff of people who wake up every day genuinely proud of our mission to celebrate and protect Northern Michigan. He stands on the shoulders, as we all do, of the many outstanding people who have shared their talents with MyNorth Media—people who gave, in some cases, decades of their professional lives to our mission and never wavered in the face of any challenge. Over four decades, I’ve learned more than a few things. One is that, while change is a constant, miraculously, there are always talented people who want to work with integrity and a belief in mission. That truth always renews me.

Read Deb’s full edit note and see Tim’s designs in the January 2021 issue, on shelves in late December and available on