Join Higher Art Gallery in Traverse City for a socially distanced art opening and community fundraiser at the group exhibit: “Citizens Coping – Artists Respond to 4 Years of an Administration” on October 9–10.

Throughout time, artists have been the visual recorders of history-making events. Through sculpture, paintings and photography they bear witness and leave the often emotional, raw and honest artwork behind for us to ponder the effects for centuries to come. This show, “Citizens Coping – Artists Respond to 4 Years of an Administration,” is no different. Higher Art Gallery has assembled 32 artists, many of who are also lifelong social justice activists.

Each artist has been asked to communicate how they have been affected by the policies and behavior of the current administration. An array of mediums will be on exhibit including paintings, photography, sculpture, collage and protest art. There will be no images of President Trump. Artists were asked to dig deeper and not use “memes” or caricatures, as the public is already constantly bombarded with that imagery.

In order to create a safer environment, and begin welcoming art lovers back into the gallery space, Higher Art Galley will be offering slotted times which will each have a limited number of tickets available—12 tickets per one-hour time slot. The tickets will be available for $12, and the best part is that each $12 ticket fee goes 100% toward one of three local non-profit organizations of your choosing: Women’s Resource Center, Father Fred Food Pantry or FLOW (Flor Love of Water). The gallery encourages you to get a group of friends or family together to come as a large group if possible.

Everyone who attends the opening night will receive a raffle ticket upon entering, and one person from each hour will go home with an “artful door prize.” This is in lieu of wine and cheese, which the gallery is unable to serve at this time due to trying to maintain mask-wearing and social-distancing measures. Masks will be mandatory.

Please only purchase a ticket if you are planning to attend. If you would like to make a donation but can not attend the event, there is a donation button instead.

Here is the complete list of artists who are participating in this show:

  • Jessica Kovan
  • Tonya Rund
  • Julie Kradel
  • Lisa Marie Gazda
  • Joyce Brodsky
  • Sara Slee Brown
  • Pauline Smith
  • Tammy Kushnir
  • Newman
  • Shahzaad Raja
  • Shannon Downey
  • Gavin Benjamin
  • Darcel Deneau
  • Cathy Shap- Stocker
  • Samyak Yamachi
  • Boisali Biswas
  • Conrad Kaufman
  • Mark Gleason
  • Daggi Wallace
  • Jane Garrett
  • Sarah Bearup-Neal
  • Michelle Tock-York
  • Kim Kleinhardt
  • Nancy Crisp
  • Melonie Steffes
  • Keenan
  • Mark Mehaffey
  • Jane Hagaman
  • Clint Imboden
  • Hazel Batrezchavez
  • Cindi Ford
  • Marti Liddle-Lameti

If you have any questions about this event please do not hesitate to give the gallery a call at 231-252-4616 or email the gallery here.

Photo(s) by Higher Art Gallery