The Downtown Development Authority has contracted with local research company Avenue ISR to execute a survey on the Front Street Pedestrian Zone and street changes that occurred this past summer. The data will be used to help the DDA and City of Traverse City determine how to move forward with similar concepts in the future.

Three versions of the survey were created to ensure that feedback is received by all who utilize the Downtown. The business owner/employee, city resident and Downtown visitor surveys will all be available via the DDA website or by clicking here. The survey will touch on different aspects of the Pedestrian Zone and traffic closure.

Jean Derenzy, CEO of the DDA states: “So many people had to completely shift and change their business model this past summer due to the pandemic. This survey will assist in a more comprehensive understanding of opening Front Street to pedestrian-only traffic and help inform us on the effect on and the current health of all businesses within the DDA District. Our businesses, merchants, residents and visitors are all important pieces in the process of continuing to make our Downtown an all-inclusive and enjoyable destination.”

The survey will be live from Friday, September 25 until Sunday, October 4. All are encouraged to participate and there will be an opportunity upon completion to win one of three $50 Downtown gift certificates. 

Photo(s) by David Weidner