Short’s Brewing Co. and the non-profit Title Track have joined forces and created a call-to-action for the entire Michigan craft brewing community—step up and better our businesses and our communities for all people.

“As a Title Track board member, it’s been important for me to find opportunities that could support the work Title Track is doing. The craft beverage and hospitality industry made perfect sense as a platform to scale community conversations about anti-oppression programming to help us build strong and resilient communities,” explains Joe Short, Founder of Short’s Brewing Co. and Title Track board member.

Their goal? Raise $25,000 to develop anti-racism and anti-oppression programming (donate here). Short’s has made that goal even more attainable with an initial pledge of $5,000. Once the goal is met, Title Track will host five events across the state that are open to the brewing community. These events are designed to provide a better understanding of racial justice and the steps needed to create meaningful, lasting change on the path to equity and inclusion for all—which is especially relevant in an industry made up of mostly white males. Events will be tailored to each region, and guest speakers will join to provide additional perspectives.

“We are designing our programming to meet varying levels of understanding—from community workshops to full-day sessions—and we’ve got varying donor levels to meet people where they’re at—from $5 to $5,000. Every pledge counts and when you donate you become a part of our Racial Equity Team and are invited to attend one of our five events. In addition, we are offering to bring our programming to your brewery and staff, depending on your size,” says Seth Bernard, Co-Executive Director of Title Track.

Title Track, a non-profit dedicated to clean water, racial equity, and youth empowerment, was launched in 2019 by Seth Bernard in the hopes of making his Michigan home a better place to live. Craft Libations for Collective Liberation is just one of many programs for the non-profit. “We’re proud to partner with Title Track,” says Short. “We love this industry and our state, and want to see them get better and better, and we want to lead the change.”

Photo(s) by Kris Riley