Northern Michigan has inspired artists and beautiful artwork for generations. Here are three we’re following.

1. Katherine Corden //

Katherine’s first career is physical therapist, and her background in anatomy influences her work. She’s known for capturing the way people naturally move through their landscape—and since she’s based in Traverse City, many of her paintings’ settings and color schemes are influenced by the North. Katherine donates 5 percent of her proceeds to FLOW, For Love of Water.

2. Sweet Fern Collection //

The woman behind Sweet Fern, Haley Jo Hildebrand, makes a statement with her earrings. A recent collection, “That Woman from Michigan,” features modern pieces honoring strong Michigan women—Gretchen Whitmer, Dana Nessel, Cora Reynolds Anderson and Aimee Stephens.

Photo by Hallie Kohler

Photo of Sweet Fern Collection shot by Hallie Kohler

3. Lou Pottery // @loupottery

Based in Leelanau County, Laura Brown uses locally produced clays that are found in the same soil she lives on, loves and explores. Her wheel-thrown pottery is made in small batches, and each piece is one-of-a-kind. Her designs are functional and practical for home use, but also incredibly beautiful.

Photo by Megan Gilger

Photo of Lou Pottery shot by Megan Gilger

Photo(s) by Grant Piering