Traverse City’s Fresh Coast Market teams up with Morsels and other local makers to offer the best of Northern Michigan.

It’s a match as sweet as the Morsels themselves.

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced Morsels owners Misha and Jeff Neidorfler to temporarily close their Traverse City storefront, Fresh Coast Market owners Dave Sears and his wife, Jen, reached out to them. The bakery is one of the Sear’s favorite spots to enjoy a cup of coffee by the water and a Morsel, or two, of course. As fellow small business owners, they wanted to help.

Sears offered space in their specialty shop’s dessert case, alongside local truffles and cheesecakes, and on April 27, Fresh Coast began selling eight flavors of the bite-sized treats. Within the first week, Sears says they sold 1,000 Morsels. The Neidorflers were able to bring back one of their full-time bakers who had been furloughed during the pandemic.

Misha Neidorfler says she and her husband, Jeff, were excited to be included among the 130+ local brands that Fresh Coast sells, and they were especially grateful to have a west-side location for Morsels pick-up.

“During this challenging time for small businesses, we are very fortunate to live in such a supportive community, where business owners are looking for ways to help each other,” she says.

Sears says Fresh Coast’s slogan has always been that everyone has a story, and everyone’s story matters. Their aim is to foster an environment where people want to sit down over great food and drinks and share their stories. He hopes that promoting local makers and their goods, like Morsels, will create a sense of camaraderie. “When you support the community, the community supports you,” he says.

Photo(s) by Dave Weidner