Northern Michigan is ready to welcome locals, staycationers and visitors! In May, MyNorth Media launched a survey to our audience asking about their travel plans. After almost 2,500 responses to the survey we are sharing the data with our community to help us all understand tourism and travel in a Covid-19 world.

Will People Travel and Explore?
The survey, which collected responses from May 4th – June 3rd asked respondents about their excitement to travel and explore Northern Michigan again. Turns out, over 90% are!

When will Travel Start?
A majority of our audience is planning trips throughout Northern Michigan in the summer and fall. Perfect time for sunny days, fresh food, and harvest season!


How Long Will Travelers Stay?
These aren’t short trips! A majority of those surveyed plan to stay more than 8 nights. We are also seeing plenty of interest in day trips from locals and regional travelers.


Where Will Travelers Stay and Lodge?
Hotels, rentals, and B&Bs can start preparing to host regional and out-of-state travelers! 41% of those surveyed said they will be staying in overnight lodging. Of course campgrounds will see huge increases too with the outdoor environment and ease of booking.


Let the Entertainment Begin!
With safety protocols in place, our audience is ready to hit the trails, beaches, and downtown areas! It’s no surprise that outdoor activities takes the lead here, and Northern Michigan is an outdoor wonderland!


Safety First.
As Northern Michigan reopens, it was critical we asked our audience about their requirements to feel safe while visiting. There was no clear outlier here, so businesses should maintain all 5 safety precautions with equal importance.


Communication is Key.
Community members and businesses should utilize this information to keep their audience up to date on their sanitation protocols and guidelines.


Dive Deeper into the Survey and Results!
This was a small sample of the data and results we collected. If you are interested in diving in deeper, we encourage you to sign up for our 5-day email campaign which delivers a day-by-day comprehensive overview on the entire survey and results. You can sign up by clicking here.

Photo(s) by Rachel Haggerty