Living in Northern Michigan means having guests—little ones included. Whether the kids are siblings, cousins or just friends, bunking them together creates special Up North memories for them and saves space for you. Bunk beds are such a big part of life in Northern Michigan that our region’s builders and designers have become adept at coming up with cool, custom versions. Check out these kid-pleasers!

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Three-In-One Bunk Bed // Photo by Jason Hulet

This loft atop a queen bed by the team at Kitchen Choreography means adults have a place to tuck in if they need to.

Photo by Kaity

Rustic Charm Bunk Bed // Photos by Kaity

Here’s a lesson on how to cozy up a rustic cabin bedroom. Designed and built by the talented team at BAC Design Group.

Photo by Dave Speckman

Storage Plus Bunk Bed // Photo by Dave Speckman

Architect Ken Richmond teamed up with Midlake Builders to dream-and-build this kid suite. Check out all the storage, from the under-bunk cupboards to the drawer-steps.

Very Lofty Bunk Bed // Photo by Jacqueline Southby

Imagine the giggles, stories and dreams shared in this bunk rendition by Render Construction.

Photo by Tom McConnell

Triple Decker Bunk Bed // Photo by Tom McConnell

Hone their climbing skills with this fun triple-decker by Paul Maurer General Contracting. We love it in the bi-level version, too!

Photo(s) by Dave Speckman