The North is flush with boutique roasters sourcing some of the planet’s best beans and creating nuanced coffees that are every bit as terroir-driven as Old Mission Peninsula riesling. Level up your home-brew game with these essential beans from A-list Northern Michigan coffee roasters.

Roaster Jack Coffee Co.

867 S. East Silver Lake Rd., Traverse City // 231.943.3917

Cannonball Espresso: Jack’s signature sauce for pulled shots. Deep chocolate and roasted nut character with a lemon peel finale.

Higher Grounds Coffee

808 Red Dr., Traverse City // 231.922.9009

Sumatran Permata Gayo Silk: From HG’s Apex series, these organic Sumatran beans undergo extended fermentation to spin off heady dried plum, toffee and berry fruit flavors.

Populace Coffee

207 Howard St., Petoskey // 231.489.8336

Ethiopia Kayon Mountain: High elevation growing imparts clean, lifted notes of lime zest, melon and cocoa.

Mundos Roasting & Co.

708 Boon St., Traverse City // 231.252.9500

Guatemala Union Cantinil: This single origin roast from Mundos carries the signature sweetness and chocolate character of Guatemalan beans with amped-up overtones of blackberry and pear.

The 3PO
(Perfect Populace Pour Over)

We find the floral, citrusy soul of Populace’s Kayon Mountain beans is best expressed as a Chemex pour-over.


Digital scale

Burr grinder


Gooseneck kettle

Unbleached coffee filter

700 grams filtered, dechlorinated water

42 grams Populace Ethiopia Kayon Mountain coffee beans (ground)

Bring measured water to boil in gooseneck kettle, remove from heat and wait 30 seconds; meanwhile grind measured coffee beans. Place filter in Chemex, wet slightly with hot water, then add measured coffee. For the bloom, add twice the hot water to coffee at 2:1 volume and stir gently. Wait 30 seconds then pour over remaining water in a slow steady spiral motion. Remove filter and spent grounds from Chemex and transfer coffee to warm mug.

Photo(s) by Populace Coffee