With the promise of warmer days ahead, The Little Fleet in Traverse City is getting ready for summer. The 2020 lineup of food trucks to grace the beloved lot’s pavement has been released, and it’s sure to get you excited (and hungry). Check out what’s new and which fan favorites will remain.

Read the full stories for each of the food trucks here. The Little Fleet is currently closed until May 1. 

Glendale Ave.

“We have three new cheeseburgers to put into the rotation as well as a couple of new fry options. Since we had such an amazing response for our fried chicken sandwiches we are definitely going to try to have them available on designated days too!”

Cordwood BBQ

“We are really excited about the Piggy Back, our top-selling sandwich which includes our pulled pork and mac-n-cheese piled high on a bun, as well as our vegetarian barbecue sandwich, the Bomb Diggity. This year we will be adding online ordering to the mix so keep an eye out for us on Doordash, GrubHub, etc.”

Traverse City Pizza Company

“In addition to serving great brick oven pizzas, we intend to offer zucchini crusts, fresh salad and ice cream, and an update this year is we plan to staff the truck so we can also offer delivery options to the community.”

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Good on Wheels

Welcome to the lot for the first time!

“We have a menu based around Bao Buns (steamed buns) and Bun Thit Nuong (fresh vermicelli bowls) from our flagship restaurant, The Good Bowl. Expect other seasonal specialties such as papaya salad, dumplings and wings.”

Happy’s Taco Shop

“There’s going to be a brand new perch taco with sweet corn mayo and all kinds of other good things on it that we’re pretty stoked on, that and all the different chiles Spirit of Walloon grows for us.”

The Big Squeeze

“And of course, there is The Big Squeeze. The Big Squeeze is the little sister of The Little Fleet. The Big Squeeze lives outside from May to October serving cocktails, slushies, slushie cocktails, beers and more.”