Four local tourism companies including Bay Life Getaways, Designated Driver TC, Happytown Rickshaws and The River Outfitters have come together to offer a complimentary “COVID Courier” service for local businesses and their customers in Traverse City.

Owners Michelle Corteggiano and Tawny Hammond say this safe and reliable alternative provides a new option for businesses to get their products to customers and vice-versa in these unsure times.

“It’s simple … we are here to help”, Michelle says. “Being a business in the wine industry, we just had to tell our drivers that there’s no work until further notice so we understand how real this is. The first thing we thought was how can we help?”

The courier service will roll out over the next week and is looking to help businesses in the city limits for the time being. “We’ll pick up curbside, we’ll store items in a closed container and sanitize between every delivery,” Michelle explains.

This will give businesses an additional tool for staying afloat while things evolve. It will also provide the community an extra piece of mind. Couriers will be complimentary with a recommendation to tip your courier, as it will help them out tremendously also.

“Nothing galvanizes a community more than a crisis of this proportion. Our company ethic is about creating a healthy and vibrant community not only for visitors, but for all that live and work here also. If we can help our community family get what they need during this trying time for so many, we will,” Tawny says. 

“This is a win-win! It helps local businesses, our community and our drivers who participate. When needed, we will ramp up with more drivers and get the rickshaws rolling all over town,” Michelle says. “This is our way of paying it forward to our fellow business owners and community that relies so much on tourism. One town, one family … we will get through this #tcstrong!”

Visit or text 231.486.8055 to request a courier.

—Press release provided by Bay Life Getaways