Hey Northern Michigan, can you handle the heat? Try these locally made hot sauces.

NATURAL NORTHERN | Chipotle Bourbon Hot Sauce

Real Michigan honey gives this sauce a touch of sweetness and the boozy bite is courtesy of Traverse City Whiskey Co.’s straight bourbon. Add it to your favorite marinade or douse chicken wings with a nice thick coat.


This sweet (yes, sweet!) hot sauce is a combo of Thai chilies, garlic, sugar, vinegar and a secret spice mix. Available in Hot or Lava (for extra kick), Volcano Sauce is made in Kingsley and distributed to stores across Michigan (locations listed online). Put it on everything—chili, salmon, wings—and never, ever, eat another slice of pizza without it.


Benjamin Twiggs in Traverse City is known for all things cherry, including hot sauce. And, of course, it’s made with locally grown, TC cherries. Add a few tablespoons, along with a handful of dried cherries, to a pound of ground beef for next-level patties on burger night. Find the recipe on their website.