Friday through Monday, a brief and secret portal to the sublime opens in Suttons Bay when the exhaust fans at Gold Baby Biscuits send warm-biscuit wafts into the cold morning air.

Owners Alicia Manson and Lyndsey Egli, the proprietresses of this Midwestern micro-eatery, have honed biscuit bona fides that will stand the test of any Southern farmhouse kitchen. The biscuits are perfectly golden and impressively vertical with an ultra-thin crisp veneer that belies an airy, buttery core. They are delicious as is, unadulterated, but the transition from baked good to religious experience occurs when a Gold Baby biscuit assumes sandwich form, slathered in pimento cheese and stacked with smoky, air-cured bacon and sweet pickles. For the breakfast-minded, there’s a delicious iteration offered with sausage, egg, cheddar and maple syrup. Biscuit minimalists can opt for a simple smear of butter and jam.

Visit Gold Baby Biscuits at 206 N. Saint Joseph St., Suttons Bay
The current hours of operation are listed on the website. The drive is worth it in any weather.

Chocolate Chip Party Time

Bacon, Pimento, Pickle

Bacon, Egg, Cheese, Mayo