Eagle Village sits on 681 acres in rural Hersey, Michigan, where it’s been for the last 50 years, helping thousands of teens and children build a normal life. The mission of Eagle Village is to work with all people to reach their potential, regardless of their story. Children are placed there by the Department of Health and Human Services because of circumstances in their homes.

Eagle Village provides childhood experiences for kids who haven’t had them, and teaches a standard of living most would consider normal. Kids go to school at the charter academy on campus, take field trips, eat meals together and do chores and homework. For many children, Eagle Village is a new beginning and a place to work through their past. In addition to the residential programs, there is an assessment center and an intervention camp program. They also license foster care homes and provide adoption services.

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There are many ways to give at Eagle Village. Every year, the Eagle Fund goal is $500,000. The fund pays for things like transportation for the children, facility updates such as new refrigerators and mattresses, intervention camp scholarships and trade-focused education.
Volunteers are always welcome. Eagle Village is a place of firsts, from a child’s first birthday cake to the first wrapped gift they ever receive. Whether you volunteer to teach kids how to make a meal, or present a class on wood-carving, or anything in between, you will change lives.
Learn more at eaglevillage.org