How much do you know about Northern Michigan? Let’s find out! 

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What actor lent his voice to Star Wars’ Darth Vader and to The Lion King’s Mufasa but stuttered as a child, until an English teacher at Brethren’s Dickson Schoolhouse made him recite a poem about grapefruit in class?

James Earl Jones

The world’s first pro hockey team—all players were paid—was founded in what U.P. city in 1903?


What jolly fruit has lorded over Beulah’s cherry mecca since 1922, having his perma-grin cut into the tops of pies as an escape for bubbling fruit?

Cherry Jerry at The Cherry Hut

On what day did the “Storm of the Century” sweep through Leelanau County, downing thousands of trees and leaving some towns without power for nearly a week?

Sunday, August 2, 2015

This world-renowned decorator is responsible for Grand Hotel’s wildly colorful rooms and also worked for Joan Crawford and several U.S. presidents.

Carleton Varney

What large mythical* beast roams through northern forests, especially in Wexford County? (*The terrifying creature has also been spotted numerous times in Wisconsin and Indiana, so you decide if it’s real or not.)

The Dogman

Mackinac Island’s oldest fudge shop opened in 1887. Owner Henry made sails in the back of the building while his son, Rome, crafted fudge using his mother’s recipe on a marble table. What’s this family’s last name, which is also the name of the fudge shop?


In July 1940, the world’s tallest man ever at 8’11’’, Robert Wadlow, was making an appearance at the Manistee National Forest Festival. While in Manistee, Robert unfortunately died from an infected blister on his foot. What store in Manistee has one of his size 37AA shoes—the largest in the world made for an actual person—on display?

Snyder’s Shoes

What Michigan county has the highest water-to-land ratio of any county in the U.S.?

Keweenaw County
Second place: Leelanau County

Here’s a stumper! Tip: Work backward. What’s the largest island in the largest lake on the largest island in the world’s largest freshwater lake in area?

Ryan Island in Siskiwit Lake on Isle Royale in Lake Superior

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