The holiday season is all about indulging! And what better way to celebrate than with decadent mac ‘n’ cheese paired with larger-than-life bottles of bubbly?​ Yep, a Northern Michigan winery is pairing Mac & Magnums for a brand new food and wine experience.

When the team at MAWBY began brainstorming new events for the 2019 fall and winter seasons, they knew they wanted to include food. Sparking wine (their specialty) is infinitely food-friendly. From high-end specialty foods to everyday favorites and especially rich holiday classics, bubbly makes for a dreamy pairing with decadent foods. 

And what could be more decadent than mac and cheese?

On November 30, December 7 or December 14, head to MAWBY and bigLITTLE in Suttons Bay for your new favorite event of the season, Mac and Magnums. Sample from a selection of magnum-style bottles from the two wineries and learn why bubbly out of the big bottle is better. Chef Bryon Figueroa of Fig’s Breakfast and Lunch in Lake Leelanau is creating the richest, creamiest mac ‘n’ cheese with pork belly and crispy fried onions. Get tickets to Mac & Magnums on

The Pairing

Each time you take a sip of sparkling wine, a bright combination of crisp flavors and bubbles dances across your palate creating a celebratory experience unmatched by any other beverage. This marriage of effervescence and acidity has the power to propel the wine to cut through rich foods high in fat (think mac and cheese with pork belly!). Foods that have a tendency to weigh heavy on the palate become light while still maintaining their crave-able flavor when met with sparkling wine. 

The Bottle

So. What IS a magnum? Magnums are wine bottles that are twice the size of a standard bottle of wine. Instead of the typical 750 ml, 1500 ml of wine (sparkling or not) are pumped into each magnum. While large-format bottles are big and impressive and provide an obvious benefit of grandeur, there’s more science behind the concept than you might think. 

Wines tend to age more gracefully, depending on the size of the bottle they’re housed in. The wine is exposed to less oxygen, so the process occurs more slowly and carefully. Claire Lepine, MAWBY’s marketing manager, likened the process to preparing meat. Cooking a brisket at a high heat for a short amount of time will get the job done, but it may be tougher and less enjoyable while cooking it at a low temperature for a longer amount of time will melt away the connective properties and create a tender meal. Aging sparkling wine in magnums is all about having patience in creating a beautiful product. It’s a true art.

Let’s Try It

Mac & Magnums is the perfect opportunity to experience the difference that a magnum bottle can make. During the event, you’ll be able to taste the same wine aged in a standard and a magnum bottle. You be the judge of the better method! 

Not able to make it to Mac and Magnums? Recreate the pairings at home with your family. MAWBY is selling magnums at their tasting room, but they have a limited supply! Stop in to pick up your big bottle of bubbly and introduce it to your favorite mac ‘n’ cheese recipe. You won’t be disappointed. 

Mac ‘n’ Cheese and Bubbly Pairing Inspiration

Crunch-Topped Mac & Cheese + Blanc de Blanc (or MAWBY’s Blanc)
Whether it’s bread crumbs or ritz crackers, the well-known and much-loved bubbly classic, Blanc, will perfectly complement a mac and cheese with an added crunch.

Spicy Mac & Cheese + Brut Rosé (or MAWBY’s Grace)
Add some heat and tame it to perfection with a bubbly that’s not necessarily sweeter, just a little fruitier.

Seafood Mac & Cheese + Sparkling Pinot Noir (or MAWBY’s Circa 2012)
A little earthiness in your sparkling will withstand the strong, beautiful flavors of your favorite seafood add-ons.

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