Interactive magic and jaw-to-the-floor illusions are coming to The Ramsdell Regional Center for the Arts in Manistee October 3.

Bill Blagg’s comedic, storytelling approach brings more to the stage than just impressive magic.

“It’s David Copperfield meets Second City,” says Blagg himself. Each trick flows together to create a seamless show, and his unique connection to the audience develops into a full shared experience, with shock, awe and laugh-out-loud moments.

An intimate venue like The Ramsdell will make the performance even more entrancing. “The venue is incredible,” Blagg says. “It’s such a close-up intimate space, and I love being in facilities like that performing magic, because your connection with the audience, and the experience people get, is different than with a larger venue. You’ll experience slight of hand on a grand scale and a variety of different styles of magic. Plus, it’s a gorgeous building. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and I’m seriously looking forward to it.”

Bill Blagg hails from just across Lake Michigan in Wisconsin, and loves performing in Michigan.  His magical life started when he received his first professional magic book from his great-grandfather. His path to the stage will be on display through the storytelling of his magic.

“One unique thing about our show, it’s not just about the tricks themselves,” Blagg says. “The tricks actually connect and we take the audience on a journey throughout the show. It’s more than a magic show. We’re telling a story, and it’s simply about where I came from and why I’m there.”

After years of dedication to the craft, he’s now one of the nation’s top touring illusionists. Blagg tries to bring new, never-before-seen illusions to the stage. You might see the world’s only rideable hoverboard and crazy instant teleportation across the theater, or maybe Blagg will pass through the blades of an industrial fan. You might also experience one of his best known tricks, where he squishes his body from 6 feet to 6 inches tall.

Summing up his show: “It’s over 90 minutes of mind-blowing action. It’ll be hilarious as well as jaw-dropping, and you’re going to absolutely love it.”

Tickets will go fast with only one show coming to Manistee. Children over five years old are encouraged to attend. Tickets are available online at or call 800.836.0717.