We just can’t get enough of Susan Melton’s street art … and her over-flowing heart. She’s spreading love and kindness across the world through her Sidewalk Chalk Project

Cheboygan resident Susan Melton (you’ve heard her on the Afternoon Drive on 102.9) started the Sidewalk Chalk Project in Traverse City on Memorial Day in 2011 as a way to help her depression. Every day since then she’s been leaving messages of hope on sidewalks across Northern Michigan, earning herself the nickname Chalk Fairy. 

(She hasn’t missed a day of chalking in more than 3,000 days!)


Over the past eight years, Susan has gathered a following of almost 14,000 fans on Facebook and Instagram. Some have even started their own chalk projects across the nation, and even the world, spreading inspirational quotes in Pennsylvania, Florida, California, Tennessee, New Zealand and Spain.

Susan’s favorite memory: “I got a Facebook message from a mom who said her young son was having a hard time at school. They were out walking and came across one of my sidewalks that said, ‘Because of you, I didn’t give up.’ Her son asked if God wrote that message for him. To know this boy saw my message and believed a little bit more in himself feels incredible. We just have to be kinder and more thoughtful toward each other.”

Follow Susan at Facebook.com/SidewalkChalkProject.