So how has MyNorth’s Petoskey Area Home Tour shaped up? One word: Amazing. Here’s a look inside Home #1. See more on September 14. 

Those who went on our 2018 Petoskey Area Home Tour will remember the beautiful Craftsman home with its own private airplane hangar, set in Sullivan’s Harbor Springs Airpark just outside of Harbor Springs. The Airpark is being developed by avid pilot and champion of great design Joseph Wortman, who is looking to turn it into the premier fly-in development in the Midwest. In so doing, Joe is picking up the vision of Dr. Paul Sullivan who started Sullivan’s Airpark in the 1990s. After Paul’s passing, Joe teamed with Paul’s son, Paul Michael, builder Nick Fettig and Meaghan Jacklitch of River West Design to complete the featured hangar homes.

This year the development has another treat for us—a home in the Airpark commonly referred to as a hangar loft or condo. This cozy two-bedroom unit sits above a 2,200-square-foot tee-style hangar—big enough for your private plane (or motorhome if you’d prefer) and on a private runway surrounded by a parklike setting of grass and trees. The exterior of the condo has a graceful Craftsman aesthetic, while the hangar, with its softly arched roofline and dark gray cedar siding, is a handsome piece of architecture in its own right.

The interior by Jacklitch has a soft industrial vibe. The living area and adjacent deck have a stellar view across Little Traverse Bay to the city of Petoskey.

The cherry on top of this fun getaway pad is the multi-purpose infrared heated hangar with a movie theater, dance floor, bar with sleeping quarters for four, each themed around airplanes (the Cessna, the Piper, the Pilatus & the Lear…). When a plane isn’t in, the hangar opens into a full-sized basketball court as well. Call it “Entertainment Central” especially in the dead of winter.

Of course, that’s only what you do when you are home here. Set between Harbor Springs and Petoskey, this home is a stone’s throw from great beaches and ski resorts. So, yep, if you had this sweet nest of a place, your vacay would start from the moment you stepped out of your airplane.

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Photo(s) by Jacqueline Southby