An unmarked door and antique furniture set the scene of a 19th-century bar during Prohibition. If you can find 123 Speakeasy in Traverse City, you’re in for a fun night. Check out these upcoming events at the hidden cocktail lounge. 

Coloring Between the Wines | August 20, September 17, October 22, November 19

Relax with some wine (red, white or bubbly) and a good coloring book. The all-inclusive package includes glasses of wine or cocktails, house-made and locally sourced appetizers as well as all art supplies. Local artist Mikayla Lehn will guide you through your art project and help you frame your piece to take home. As with all 123 Speakeasy events, tax and gratuity are included in the ticket price. 123 Speakeasy does not have a dress code—come in whatever you wore to work or whatever comfy clothes you want to relax in.

Painting Between the Wines | August 27

Select dinner and drinks from the full 123 Speakeasy menu as you create your own artistic masterpiece under the guidance of local artist Mikayla Lehn in Teetotallers (the front of 123 Speakeasy). Spaces are highly limited due to space restrictions. Aprons will be available, but wear clothes you don’t mind getting paint on.  

Murder Mystery Party | October 28

This murder takes place in the dark underbelly of Prohibition-era Traverse City. A collection of bootleggers, gangsters, G-men, flappers and molls will be competing to solve a murder before the night is through. Guests will all receive their character’s name and some costuming suggestions; dress up is not mandatory, but we do ask that you come in business casual if not in costume. There is a free hat- and coat-check, so break out those furs and fedoras if you have them! Bonus challenges and games are included in the program with prizes awarded at the end of the evening. Tickets go on sale August 16. 

Photo(s) by 123 Speakeasy