Enjoy an evening full of Indian flavors, colors and sounds right here in Northport at Willowbrook Mill on August 14. 

Chef Rajeev Patgaonkar was born and lived in a city near Kolhapur, India, the seat of a Maratha Kingdom. He studied at the Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition in Mumbai. Prior to coming to the Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center at Michigan State University as the executive sous chef, Rajeev had already amassed impressive credentials. Most recently, he was given the distinct recognition of being the newest inductee to the Honorable Order of the Golden Toque.

​The “Golden Toque” was originally founded in France and means Golden Chefs Hat. The Honorable Order is the highest acclaimed recognition a chef can receive in America.

For this evening of food and drink, guests will dine on dishes from different regions of India. (See a sneak peek of the menu below!)

Chef Rajeev has selected the American Academy of Chefs Scholarship program as a benefactor for part of the proceeds of this event.

Passed Appetizers

Sev Puri – a hugely popular Indian street food snack that originated in Mumbai

Cocktail Vegetable Samosa – mashed potatoes and peas wrapped in a savory dough

Lamb Kofta-Tamarind Chutney Glaze – ground lamb ball with spices tossed with Tamarind Dates Chutney

Kakdi Jal Jeera – local cucumber cocktail shooter with fresh mint


Daal Shorba, Naan Crisps – puree of red and yellow lentils with aromatic spices and locally baked Naan

Fresh Corn Koshimbir, Tandoori Style Prawn – local sweet corn salad with fresh herbs, yogurt, spices, marinated shrimp

Lake Michigan Fish, Curry Leaf Crusted, Spicy Coconut Curry – fresh fish seasoned with spices and herbs, topped with spicy coconut curry sauce

Cumin Tempered, Braised Fresh Greens – tempered with cumin and slowly braised locally grown fresh greens

Mango Three Ways, Fresh Berries and Cool Cream – riesling macerated dry mango, fresh mango and Indian Alfonzo puree with vanilla bean ice-cream and local berries

Masala Chal – slowly simmered blend of spices, milk and Darjeeling tea with a hint of honey

Photo(s) by Jason Leung