What could be a better Northern Michigan snack than a local whitefish dip? Explore the best of the best as voted on by 15,349 lovers of Up North. 

Carlson’s Fishery, Leland

Fresh whitefish caught and smoked outside their door, a dollop of local white wine, red onion, capers. Sublime.

Burritt’s, Traverse City

Locally smoked whitefish, cream cheese, a special seasoning blend developed by Ken Burritt himself way back when, herbs and onions, oh yeah. Especially good on Grissini dipping sticks, also available at Burritt’s.

Apache Trout Grill, Traverse City

A simply perfect smoked whitefish dip served with baby gherkins, honey mustard sauce, naan bread and flatbread crackers.

Port City Smokehouse, Frankfort

Always the life of the party, this is a dip even nonfish eaters dive into.

John Cross Fisheries, Charlevoix

Just ask for June’s Smoked Fish Dip. Thank us later.

Toski Sands Market & Wine Shop, Petoskey

Hold some back. Adults and kids alike devour it.

Bellaire Smokehouse, Bellaire

The Watters family makes this smooth spread in their wee smokehouse and shop located behind their house. Just a hint of horseradish …

Amical, Traverse City

This beloved black-checked tablecloth bistro knows when not to mess with a good thing: They leave their whitefish dip to John Cross Fisheries—cream cheese, scallions, capers and, of course, authentic smoked whitefish.

Bluebird, Leland

When Carlson’s Fishery is across the street and down the wharf, you leave the whitefish dip to them.

Natural Northern Foods, Traverse City

A minimalist touch (it’s all about the locally caught and smoked whitefish) makes this spread a winner.