Benzie County’s small towns with big charm have made it a favorite Northern Michigan vacation destination for generations. 

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Bathing beach and lighthouse pier in Frankfort

Canoeing at Camp Osoha

Sailing at Crystalaire

A seaplane in Beulah

Crystal Beach Resort in Frankfort

Horse camping at Osoha

Soaring over Elberta Beach

Getting ready for a parade in Frankfort

Horses at Wildwood Resort

Ford Day, August 24, 1922

Ford Day, August 24, 1922

Swimming in Lower Herring Lake

Fish from Crystal Lake

Camping at Osoha

Crystal Downs

Flying over Elberta Beach

Frankfort Channel

Frankfort’s Frontenac

Golfing in Frankfort

Wordens Resort on Platte Lake

Robinsons Resort on Crystal Lake

Northway Hotel Owner Frank L Orcoutt with bull terrier, Tiger, on the lawn around the 1920s

Mini golf in Frankfort

Frankfort Beach

The Northway’s diving platform in Beulah

Shields Resort in Lake Ann

Frankfort Beach

Archery at Cold Brook Inn in Frankfort

Motor Boats on Crystal Lake

Horseback Riding at Camp Osoha

Congregational Assembly Tennis

Frankfort, Michigan

The Northway in Beulah

Horses at Crystalaire

Terps Pavilion in Beulah

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“It is still one of the most unchanged places I’ve ever been to. Two of the cottages we stayed in as kids are still there, including the one the neighbors with a portable black and white TV had. They invited us over to watch Neil Armstrong walk on the moon!” —Scott Wagner

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Photo(s) by Benzie Area Historical Society